Welcome to Pro Audio White Space Finder (PAWS4400) -- a new, PC-based RF spectrum analyzer specifically designed for the professional wireless audio and video industries. The new analyzer is the industry's first, PC-based RF spectrum analyzer to offer spectrum analysis, intermodulation analysis and automatic charting of open white space (open RF frequency) for use with wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, remote control, security, access control, etc -- all built into a single tool.  The unique features extend beyond the bounds of traditional RF analyzers.  Though Pro Audio White Space Finder is well suited for wireless professional audio production and AV integration, it is also the perfect tool for general commercial and industrial RF work. It supports frequency ranges 500 KHz through 4400 MHz.  Below are a few of Pro Audio White Space Finder's more unique features and functions:

Main View

Spectrum Trace View


Region-Of-Interest Trace View


Waterfall History View


Monitored Frequencies


White Spaces and Intermod-Compatible Frequencies


Topographic Map

Delta Trace View

Control Panel

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