Generate Smart Frequency Set

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The 'Smart Set' mode is very similar to the 'Frequency Set' mode -- the primary difference being that a Smart Frequency Set is significantly more valuable than a generic one.  For a more detailed discussion of Smart Frequency Sets please refer to the earlier section.

When using 'Smart Set' mode you'll notice the 'Common Settings' have been disabled.  This is by design -- the algorithm that generates the Smart Frequency Set controls the stringency settings because the resultant set is actually a hybrid of stringencies.  Also, by default, it assumes a 'Step Size' of 25 KHz.

When you press the 'Start' button the computation begins.  You'll notice that unlike the other modes, the 'Smart Set' mode requires multiple stages of computations before arriving at the final result.

The resultant Smart Frequency Set is a hybrid of 3 intermod stringencies or compatibility levels -- Strictest, Moderate and Lenient and correspond to the color codings of orange, blue and light green, respectively.  Furthermore, within each group the frequencies are ranked from most-to-least reliable.  For a more detailed discussion of how frequencies are ranked please refer to the section entitled 'Rank or Sort Frequencies'.