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Profiler24x is a Wi-Fi diagnostic tool used for installing, troubleshooting and monitoring 802.11 wireless networks in the 2.4x GHz band.  It is unique in its use of an access point -- WifiBuilder -- in performing channel analysis.  Employing IMMI technology, Profiler24x provides unprecedented visibility into the performance of a wireless network.  The information collected and displayed by Profiler24x helps to simplify troubleshooting of interference-related problems and predicts bandwidth performance for each 802.11 channel.

Profiler24x employs IMMI technology with an 802.11 access point to perform data acquisition -- hence, the results truly reflect how RF interference in the local environment affects bandwidth performance of 802.11 channels, which is not possible using an RF spectrum analyzer.  IMMI technology and Profiler24x are the only solution on the market today that allows both experts and non-experts to quantify and predict bandwidth performance of each 802.11 channel.  By virtue of the fact that Profiler24x views the RF world through the eyes of an 802.11 access point, then the diagnostic information it provides more closely mirrors the performance you can expect from your own 802.11 hardware.This makes it easier to troubleshoot and fix problems and allows you to make better-informed decisions regarding how best to configure your wireless network for optimal bandwidth performance.  IMMI technology and Profiler24x represent a true breakthrough in the area of Wi-Fi diagnostics -- not only because they predict bandwidth performance but also from a cost standpoint.

Profiler24x has a variety of features including the following:

Applications for a Profiler24x analyzer include the following:

Profiler24x operates in the 2.4x GHz ISM band and performs channel analysis on 802.11 b/g channels 1-13. It offers 7 real-time diagnostic views of the channel performance data it captures -- including a statistical grid, Channel Heatmap/Waterfall Timecourse chart, Channel Timecourses chart, Differential Channel chart, Channel Spectrogram chart, Channel Statistics chart, and Topographic Channel chart. Displaying multiple diagnostic views of the data, Profiler24x provides a user with a better picture of their wireless environment. Armed with this knowledge you can then make better decisions as to how best to setup and maintain your wireless network so it operates at optimal bandwidth. Also, if a wireless network is performing poorly then Profiler24x can aid in determining whether this is caused by other wireless devices in the neighborhood that introduce RF interference.  Accompanying real-time display of performance data is a powerful and innovative logging and playback capability that allows you to save the data for future analysis.  Also, Profiler24x can generate reports in Adobe PDF format.

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